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Project Manager, PM Nordic Ab, Ruotsi

”My journey within PM Nordic started in 2007. I have a technical background and heard about an open vacancy in PM Nordic by coincidence. A career in the concrete pumps industry sounded interesting and was something totally new for me. I understood that it is a high-tech business and I have always been technically oriented, so it made me curious. Now that I have been working for various years at PM Nordic, I must say that I am happy that the coincidence of hearing about this job happened and I have never regretted starting the employment in our company.

PM Nordic truly is a unique workplace. It feels like an extended family to me and I can honestly say that my colleagues are my best friends, too. We share the same vision of doing our best to make our clients satisfied and have a community where everyone is very open-minded and easy-going.

We eat breakfast every morning together and usually lunch too. We do not need huge workshops or spectacular surroundings to help our team to develop our ways of working or to create psychological trust in our team – team building, and development come naturally to us and we really enjoy working together.

The best moment of my career was when our clients in the mining industry started a new remarkably big project and without even talking to other companies, they turned to us and wanted us to deliver the project for them. I could not have been happier about this success story!

When I heard that PM Nordic will be part of Boreo, my feelings were mixed but excited. Now I understand that together with Boreo we can be stronger and have great opportunities for co-learning and better capabilities for coping in our market. Boreo’s functions help us grow and develop our operations, while we still maintain all the good things we have here in PM Nordic. My dream is to help PM Nordic to become such a high-quality and well-known company that whenever an industrial or construction company is considering starting a special pumping project, they would remember PM Nordic’s name and turn to us right away. While heading towards that goal, I am going to enjoy the ride, because I just love my job!”