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Senior Purchaser & Logistics Specialist, Yleiselektroniikka, Finland

“I am a second generation Yleiselektroniikka employee. I started working at Yleiselektroniikka as a purchaser 28 years ago and I am still on that journey. I have always liked my job and working at the company because I have been able to constantly learn and participate in interesting projects where I have been able to challenge myself.

We have several highly skilled people in our work community whose viewpoints and skills help us to efficiently move projects forward.

One of the most interesting projects I have been part of is a delivery reliability project. In the project we developed the ordering process by automating the order points, which decreased manual work and the possibilities of human error. The project included a lot of process development that required critical thinking. Together we managed to reach the objectives set for the project.

Our corporate culture has always been highly sales and customer oriented. We actively seek solutions for our customers’ changing needs and we have been successful in developing our business so that we also have survived challenging situations.

In recent years, Boreo has grown into a large corporation. I believe that this will bring more development and career opportunities to the personnel as well. I feel you should always be open to learnings new things; everything can always be done better. Right now, people are quite excited and the feelings about the future are positive. The positive feeling is contagious and brings new drive to our work.”